Seeland Hawker Hose - Pine green



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Farbe: Pine Green
Grösse: 48

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Hawker Hose - Pine green

  • Wind- und wasserdicht
  • Flexibles, dreischichtiges Material
  • Leicht & geräuscharm
  • Aktive Passform
  • Volle Bewegungsfreiheit
  • Atmungsaktiv

Die Hose Hawker von Seeland ist aufgrund der SEETEX® Membran windabweisend und wasserdicht. Das Material ist zudem besonders dehnbar und gewährleistet so volle Bewegungsfreiheit. Aber nicht nur das. Die Hawker Hose ist extrem atmungsaktiv, bietet eine perfekte Luftzirkulation und leitet Feuchtigkeit dank der eingearbeiteten Membran schneller ab.

1x Seeland Hawker Hose - Pine green

Farbe: Pine Green
Grösse: 48, 50, 54, 56, 52, 60, 58
Grösse: 48

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Sehr gut




April 26, 2021 12:04
Von: Christof

Sehr gute Hose mit seitlichen Lüftungsreissverschlüssen

Sehr gute Hose mit seitlichen Lüftungsreissverschlüssen welche ganz öffnen ohne Netzeinsatz.

January 5, 2021 10:01

Super Qualität, gute Passform

May 8, 2020 20:05
Von: Athos Leoni


Pantaloni ottimi, materiale e forma.

May 8, 2020 20:05
Von: Athos Leoni


Pantaloni ottimi, materiale e forma.

December 11, 2019 06:12
Von: Sandro Heusler

Sensationell für windiges, nasses Wetter

Ich habe die Hose 3 Tage auf der Beizjagd im Bayrischen Wald getragen. Die Temperaturen waren irgendwo zwischen -5° und 8°. bei jeder dieser Temperaturen hat die Hose nie zu wenig versprochen. Auch bei sehr nassen Trieben hat die Hose das Wasser stets abgehalten auf die Haut durch zu dringen. Absolute Kaufempfehlung!

December 1, 2019 04:12
Von: S. Zermatten

Durable, Well designed, Incredibly breathable, Very nice fit, 100% Money worth.

I have been looking for these pants for a while!Pros:- These pants are incredibly breathable. Breathable enough for me to suspect that in summer, even probably in spring they wouldn't be suitable. Maybe would they, because of the big zipped openings on the outside of each leg.. Now it's december so.. I guess I'll wait to know.- The fabric looks very resistant to me, while being very comfortably strechable. - the critical part are reinforced without creating bulks, anywhere. Those pants are confortable in every situation I tried and could think of.- The zipers are tough and of good quality.- The pockets are surprisingly designed ( I like it ) and quite efficient to hold most little objects, while also looking quite fragile to me if used with partly sharp already or pointy ones ( like the tip of a pen which could easily make a hole in the fabric with not that much pressure on it ). - The side pockets are stretchable, they can in fact hold much more than it looks like in appearance. Also, when empty, they regain their flat position like a breathe, even if one just took out a big object from it. Much more practical than usual sturdy big side pockets.- Inside the pants, along the top border of the pants ( same position as the belt, but inside ), there is a line of a very glue-ish material that grips the fabric of whatever under-shirt you are wearing and holds it in your pants at the height you put it in the first place. That's really a practical thing! No matter how many times you squat or turn on your hips, your shirt keeps its place inside your pants and helps maintaining a proper temperature as well as being really helpfull in many cases.- There are straps in the lowest art of each leg to strap the pants around whatever shoes one's wearing. Cons:- The flat pocket zippers are really problematic in winter when the hands get much more sensible due to the cold; without protection behind the zippers, when one inserts or gets a hand out of the pocket, the zipper seriously scratches the back of the hand. If you use your pockets a lot that might become a real problem.- Plastic. You can feel you're wearing a plastic bag, even if these pants are made of the best synthetic fabric I've wore, as for pants. Still, when one walks, the fabric generates a lot of electrostatic electricity and one ends up charged. Depending on your electro-sensibility and of the harware you're using, this might be a problem. If you're wearing other synthetic clothes ( underpants ) or woolen ones, then the friction will generate even more ES electricity.- The belt straps could be larger.

September 8, 2019 20:09
Von: Michael Zürcher

Sehr gute Hose bei kälteren Tagen. Die Hawker Hose hat auch grosse praktische Taschen. Jedoch kann ich sie an wärmeren Tagen nicht empfehlen da sie doch fast zuwenig Atmungsaktiv ist trotz den großen Lüftungsreisverschlüsse auf der Seite. Ansonsten top Pr

April 24, 2019 15:04
Von: Ziltener stefan

Top Hose, praktisch, leicht und super bequem! 100% preis/leistung

Empfehle diese top Hose jedem Outdoor Freund und Jäger!